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I customized each poster to suit its specific exhibition, blending visual elements and typography harmoniously to effectively convey the distinct characteristics and themes of each event. 


For the Low Visibility exhibition, I curated a poster featuring a carefully chosen photograph that encapsulates the very essence of the event. The arrangement of typography is thoughtfully aligned with the exhibition's theme, enhancing the overall impact. In the context of the Pacita Abad exhibition, my approach was to create a design that amplifies rather than competes with the exhibited artwork. Deliberate choices in typeface and color palette were made to seamlessly complement the art on display, providing a supportive backdrop. Shifting focus to the Kid's Film Fair, I crafted a playful duo of posters adorned with matching illustrations and a charming handwritten style. These designs beautifully capture the lively essence of the event, resonating with the youthful atmosphere. Lastly,  the Julie Mehretu exhibition, my intention was to accentuate the showcased artwork. The posters were meticulously crafted to accentuate her art, ensuring it takes center stage and remains the pivotal highlight.


Collectively, these tailored posters are uniquely suited to their respective exhibitions, using a blend of visual cues and typography to effectively convey the distinctive qualities and narratives of each occasion.

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